We take care of your WordPress website so you don't have to.

Assuming you've got better things to do, like dazzle your clients.

All of our WordPress Success plans include:


Weekly WordPress Updates

Keeping your WordPress website up-to-date makes it more stable and secure and allows you to take advantage of all of the helpful new features introduced with each release.


Regular Cloud Backups

Our regular backups to Amazon's S3 cloud servers ensure that we have recent backups of your website so that we can rapidly restore if it goes down due to a server outage.

WordPress Care Plans Security Scan

Security Scanning

The bad guys are constantly on the lookout for vulnerable sites to hack. Our daily security scans ensure that your site hasn't fallen prey to being hacked.

WordPress Care Plans Performance Monitoring

Site Speed Monitoring

The slower your website, the less likely visitors are to stick around. We monitor for site speed issues and provide suggestions on how to make your site lightning quick.

WordPress Care Plans Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

All websites experience downtime at some point. Our uptime tracking lets us know when your site is down so we can get it back up and running lickety split.

WordPress Care Plans Unlimited Content Updates

Unlimited Content Updates

Need to publish a blog post or update other content in a pinch? No problem, just shoot us your copy and images and we'll do the heavy lifting so you don't have to!

WordPress Care Plans Keyword Tracking

Keyword Tracking

It's important that you know what keywords you should come up for in Google search. To that end, we include them in our monthly reports so that you can see where you rank.


Premium Plugin Library

Use our licensed premium themes and plugins and save over $1,000 year: from WordPress tutorial videos and powerful forms to traffic stats, pop-up opt-ins, eye-catching sliders and more.


Monthly Maintenance Reports

We don't expect you to just assume we've worked on your website and leave it at that: we actually show you what we've done on your website with regular reports.

Maintaining your site is one thing, but improving it is another. Our premium WordPress Success plans include services designed to improve your website.

WordPress Care Plans Repair Broken Links

Broken Link Monitoring & Repair

When pages get deleted, links break. Broken links frustrate visitors and have a negative impact on SEO. Not only will we monitor your site for broken links, but we'll fix them so you don't have to.

WordPress Care Plans Performance Monitoring

Site Speed Optimization

The slower your website is the less likely visitors are to sit around and wait for it to load. Not only will we monitor your site's load time, but we'll also optimize your site so that it loads as quickly as possible.


Quality Assurance

Regularly testing your website to ensure that everything works is crucial if you want your website to be a success. We take "before" and "after" screenshots, test forms and other key features so you don't have to.


Spam Filtering

There's nothing worse than receiving an email inquiry via your website, only to discover that it's spam. Our powerful filters keep form spam to a minimum so that only legitimate inquiries hit your inbox.


Website Firewall

Malware scans and spam filters play a huge part in safeguarding your site, but if you want to take it a step further, a firewall is essential. Our website firewall blocks the bad guys before they can even see your site.

WordPress Care Plans Keyword Tracking

Keyword Optimization

Knowing your keyword rankings is great, but optimizing for keywords is taking it a step further. We'll focus on one of your keywords each month to improve your rankings in Google search.


Priority Support

Got an urgent issue that needs to be addressed? Jump to the front of the line in our support queue and we'll get right on it so that you can rest easy and focus on dazzling your clients and customers!


Ecommerce Support

Ecommerce requires a level of attention beyond your average business website. If you're selling products, digital downloads, memberships, or courses, we'll keep your store running like a well-oiled machine.

Snapshots & Heatmaps

Knowing your stats is one thing, but seeing what visitors are doing on your website is another. Our Snapshots & Heatmaps allow you to see how visitors are interacting with key pages of your site.


Monthly Strategy Session

If your website plays a part in your marketing efforts it's critical that you review the results. In our monthly strategy sessions we'll review your results and recommend additional steps that can be taken to improve your site.

WordPress Care Plans Unlimited Content Updates

A/B Testing

With our A/B Testing we can test which elements of your site inspire more clicks. Do users click on a blue button or the green button more? Do they prefer the picture of the dog more, or the cat?


Unlimited Support

Want us to tweak the layout of a page, connect to a 3rd party app, or replace a buggy plugin? No problem, just let us know what you need done and we'll take care of it at no additional charge!

Invest in your success with one of the below plans!

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