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The world of web hosting can appear quite intimidating to those with little to no experience hosting a website. To some the simple matter of understanding what a web host does can be challenge enough; and to others, choosing between the myriad number of hosting services available is often the tallest order of business. And though I’d recommend the former as the first place to start in selecting a host, quite often I encounter folks who’ve jumped right into the latter, and it’s those people for whom I write this post.

For those of you out there who have experience with web hosting there are likely to be varied reactions when asked whether or not you’ve had a pleasant experience with “XYZ” hosting company. Some will tell you that “XYZ” hosting is great and that they have yet to experience any difficulties with their hosting. Others will evoke grizzly details of website outages and email issues that have gone unresolved, poor customer service and terrible technical support.

With so many hosts out there it can be hard to settle on one. For every good review, you’re likely to find a bad review and for every bad review you’re just as likely to find a good one. This is where consulting with a web designer or developer such as we here at First Light Web Design can save one a lot of time. As designers and developers we have an abundance of experience with multiple hosting solutions and can readily recommend superlative hosting depending upon your particular needs.

“So where do you guys host your website?”, you might ask, and it’s a good question, with a simple answer: MediaTemple. Not only do we host this very site there, but we also host a number of client sites with them as well. Why MediaTemple? Because they’re the best. Starting at $20.00/mo one can purchase a Grid Service account that will allow them hosting of multiple sites under multiple domain names, which in the long run can mean big savings if one happens to be hosting more than one website.

Further, compared to other hosts we have experience with, the issues that have arisen in our time with MediaTemple have been few and far between and when they have arisen their extremely knowledgeable tech support team has been able to rapidly resolve them. Finally they offer about as streamlined and simple a control panel as any host out there. Wanna’ know more about MediaTemple or hosting in general? Give us a call  at 707-536-8826, we’d be happy to discuss your hosting needs with you further!

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